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    • The way we are: autism in 2012

Publication date:
  • 2012
  • National Autistic Society
  • To mark 50th birthday of The National Autistic Society (NAS), the NAS commissioned the largest ever survey into autism, in order to show what life is like in the UK for people affected by the condition. The report is based on the survey's findings. Covering the wide range of autism experiences, from diagnosis and employment to school and independent living, the report shows that whilst there have been enormous strides in autism awareness since the NAS started life in 1962, there is still work to do. Some of it does make for difficult reading but for all the troubling experiences there are also many stories of hope and courage. This booklet discusses the results of an online survey aimed at people with autism and carers of people with autism. The survey was carried out across the UK from January to March 2012.
Publication type:
    • Library
    • NASPUB40
    • The National Autistic Society, 393 City Road, London, EC1V 1NG; tel: 020 7833 2299; fax: 020 7833 9666; email: nas@nas.org.uk; website: www.autism.org.uk